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The Game of Connect6

Connect6 requires strategy and good observation. It is one of the games that I am planning to include on the Gorrion Game Server. It will challenge you. Please give it a go. Here is an introduction.

A game of Connect6

( A game in progress. White to move, can force a win. )

The Game

The game is played between two people on a 19x19 grid. Both aim to be the first to create a line of at least six stones, orthogonally or diagonally. Black goes first and starts by placing one stone. Thereafter both players place two stones on each of their moves. The 1-2-2-2... sequence of placements ensures that Black has no first move advantage.

There is no capture.

There is no passing of moves.

There are no restrictions where you may move.

Draws are a possibility. Neither player may be able to create a six.

The Gorrion Game Server

Connect6 is one of the games than I am planning to include on my game server, Gorrion. [ ]. Please do join in the fun.