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The Game of Y

Y was invented by Charles Titus and Craige Schensted. It is another game that deserves to be more widely known and one that will surely appeal to the abstract game enthusiast. Here is an introduction to the game.

Y is one of the the games available online on my game server, Gorrion. The supported variation is the geodesic / curved board. Please do join in the fun. I am 'dashstofsk' at the server and will welcome challenges. [ ].

A game of Y _1

( A game in progress. )

The Game

The game is a connection game played between two people across a triangular board. Both players take turns to place a piece on the board. Black goes first. The objective is to be the first to complete a chain of pieces that connects all three edges of the board. Corners are common to both of the adjoining sides. A game cannot end in a draw.

The Swap Rule. The second player ( white ) has the option to 'swap' immediately after the first player has made his first move. If swapped the roles will be reversed. The first player will take the white pieces and will play against his own first move. The second player is given a swap option in order to counter the first play advantage that the first player would otherwise have.

Variations. The are two variations. The game can be played on a straight sided board or on a gedesic board, curved by the addition of a pentagon along each corner axis. There is good logic for this configuration. The reduced number of nodes along an edge will make it easier for a player to defend a side against a centre attack. 

Curved Y board

( Curved board with pentagons. )

More Information

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