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Welcome to Gorrion

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Are you new here? Please read on and consider joining in the fun.

Gorrion is an online game server where people can play games of Chess, Go, Havannah, Hex, Onyx, Othello / Reversi, Pente, Unlur, Y.

Games are played in turn-based mode and not in real time. That means you will not be tied to your device for the duration of a game. You get time to think about your games and can log in and play when it is convenient. You will be notified by eMail when it is your move. You can exchange comments and engage in an online conversation with your opponents.

Gorrion detects whether you are using a smartphone and will format the content to make it easier to use from your device. You may find gaming from your smartphone to be a more relaxing experience. If Gorrion thinks you are using an iPad or tablet then you will have the option to display the content in smartphone or desktop format.

There is no software for you to download. There is no awkward Flash or Java content. There are no pop-up banners or adverts.

Gorrion is free. I charge no membership fee. However, to help keep this site going I do ask that users make a voluntary donation.

Not registered? I have made the registration process easy. You will be anonymous. You will not be asked to disclose any personal information. No user will get to know your eMail address. If you do not wish to register just yet then you may still browse and view the games on this site.

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I hope that you will find this an enjoyable and useful site.

You may contact me, Dariusz Stachowski, at [ gorrion@dashstofsk.net ].

Freeware Software.  Please also have a look at my software offerings: [ GoRilla for Go, Othello and other games ] and [ Penguin for Chess ].