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GoRilla v17   -  SGF Editor for Go

GoRilla is an SGF game viewer / reader / editor for the analysis and review of games of Go / Weiqi / Baduk, Othello / Reversi, Hex, Havannah, Unlur, Kropki and Pente.

The GoRilla program is freeware for Windows, and is available from this web page.

Use GoRilla to store and replay your games and the games of the professionals. Use it whenever you need to display a quick game board from your desktop. GoRilla is a compact product that can stand alongside the existing SGF editors and offer some original functionality. I hope that you will find it an enjoyable and useful product and that it will help you improve your skill at these games.

Gorrion Game Server. Gorrion is my online game playing site. Go is one of the games supported. Other games are Chess, Pente, Othello ( Reversi ), Havannah, Hex, Onyx, Unlur and Y. The web site has been developed to make it simple to use from a smartphone. Please do try. [ gorrion ]

February 2018.  Version 17 of GoRilla was released.

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A game of Go ( fuseki_db.sgf )
( Go - fuseki_db.sgf )
A game of Othello
( Othello / Reversi )
The bookmarks dialog
( The bookmarks dialog )
Havannah Composition
( Composing a game of Havannah )
( Documentation )

GoRilla Features

A Multi-Game Application.  Although primarily for the game of Go, GoRilla is a multi-game application that has been extended to support Othello / Reversi, Hex, Havannah, Unlur, Kropki and Pente. Further additions are possible.

Stored Games.  GoRilla uses the SGF gaming format to store games. SGF collections are supported, enabling many games to be held in a game file. Games may be a mixture of the supported ones. Many lines of play can be stored in a game. Information about SGF and the SGF extensions that GoRilla uses can be viewed at [ SGF Extensions ].

SGF Import.   Games can be added to a collection by direct pasting of SGF text. Useful if you need to copy a game from an online site.

SGF Export.  SGF text for a game can be copied to the Windows clipboard.

Comments.  Users are able to add comments to a game position. Users are able to search the game comments for a text string.

Bookmarks.  Game positions can be bookmarked.

Player Statistics.  Player statistics can be viewed for the games in the collection.

Compose.  Users can set the starting position for a game. Board positions can be modified.

GIF, BMP Image Generation.  Game positions can be exported as GIF images or copied to the Windows clipboard as BMP images.

Configuration.  Users are able to set their preferences for colours, sizes and fonts.

SGF Markup.  Squares / nodes on the playing board may be marked using SGF markup: TR ( triangle ), CR ( circle ), SQ ( square ). Nodes may also be labelled with text ( SGF property LB ).

RTF Export  Games can be exported as a document in RTF file format and displayed using your choice of Word / Office document software, from which you will be able to make edits, reformat, print, save as DOC, save as PDF.

Backup.  Backups are taken by the program as a protection against game loss.


The download is one executable installation program file. To download the file hit the link below. Run the installation program and follow the on-screen prompts. The installation program unpacks all the GoRilla files that are needed. Please read the ReadMe and Licence files that are included.

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Hex,  Havannah,  Unlur,  Kropki,  Onyx,  Y

Hex.  Hex is gaining in popularity on online game sites. For a good introduction visit [ www.hexwiki.org ].

Havannah, Unlur.  [ unlur.html ], [ havannah.html ]. Unlur was invented by Jorge Gómez Arrausi and won the 2002 Unequal Forces Game Design Competition organised by the Abstract Games magazine. Havannah was invented by Christian Freeling. Both games can be played at my online game site, Gorrion.

Kropki.  Kropki [ kropki.html ] is played by two people on a sheet of squared paper. Kropki supports any size up to 45 x 45. Each player takes turn to colour a node of the grid and aims to create regions of territory that surround the opponent's points.

Onyx, Y.  Onyx [ onyx.html ] and Y [ y.html ] are not supported by GoRilla, but can be played at my online game site, Gorrion.

The Penguin Game Editor


A companion game editor, Penguin, is available for the game of Chess. Download it from my web page [ penguin.html ].

The Gorrion Game Server


Gorrion is my online game playing site. In addition to Go it also supports games of Chess, Pente, Othello ( Reversi ), Havannah, Hex, Onyx, Unlur and Y. It has been developed to make it simple to use from a smartphone. Please do try.

[ http://www.dashstofsk.net/gorrion.php ].

Contact and Support

You may contact me, Dariusz Stachowski, at [ gorilla@dashstofsk.net ].

Please put forward any comments and suggestions you may have. If you experience something you think might be a bug then do let me know. Likewise if there is some feature or enhancement that you feel would make a nice improvement. All opinions will be welcomed.

Your Valued Support. If this program is useful to you please take a moment to make a donation. GoRilla cost me a lot of time and personal effort and your donation will help keep my interest alive in this project and will fund further development.